Starbucks is Coco-Nutty for Mocha!

Mocha Coconut Frappuccino at the Wells Hall store.

A returning favorite, the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino is back at our on-campus Starbucks for a limited time! Enjoy coffee blended with mocha sauce, coconut syrup and whole milk, topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut flakes.

Be on the lookout for the Pike Place Roast returning to Starbucks on August 18. This blend of Latin American beans with subtle notes of cocoa and toasted nuts was created to celebrate the rich heritage of the first Starbucks store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. From August 18 through September 7, receive a free Tall brewed with any Pike Place Roast whole bean or ground purchase at Starbucks at Wells Hall.

Save big with our Treat Receipt promotion! Now through August 9, get any Grande iced beverage for $2.50 (plus tax) after 2 p.m. when you bring back your receipt from the same morning.

Visit for our Starbucks locations. Summer hours are in effect through August 28. To view summer hours of operations visit


By Peggy Crum, MA, RD, Health4U Nutritionist

Were fresh blueberries the blue in your Fourth of July picnic? Independence Day marks the beginning of blueberry season in Michigan which continues through the end of August. It’s a busy time for Michigan blueberry growers since our state produces one-third of all blueberries consumed in the United States. The combination of moderate climate and acidic soil makes western Michigan a blueberry haven.

If you’re looking for a summer outing, blueberry picking is fun and easy. The most popular blueberry varieties grow on shrubby plants of the highbush varieties. This means you can just walk along, not even bending over to pick the little blue orbs. Just touching them will cause the ripest berries to fall right into your hand! Notice the many shades of blue covering the bushes. Berries ready for picking will have a dusky appearance caused by a thin white coating called bloom, a waxy shield that protects their skin from the elements.

When you get your buckets of berries home, refrigerate what you will use within two weeks. Blueberries keep best if you wait to wash them until just before use. For the rest of your berries, dry pack freezing is the easiest method for setting them aside for the winter. Simply spread your unwashed fresh berries on baking trays and slide them into the freezer. Once they’re frozen firm, transfer the berries to containers or zipper-lock bags. Give them a rinse when you remove them from the freezer before use.

Blueberries are often used in sweet dishes such as pies, muffins, scones and—of course—pancakes. Their sweet-tart flavor combines well with peaches and nectarines for cobblers and crisps. Rich sauces and chutneys made with a squeeze of lime or other tart ingredient adds a spark to their natural sweetness. Serve alongside savory dishes such as grilled chicken, turkey or pork.

Join Culinary Services Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski from 12:10 - 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, at the Demonstration Kitchen in Brody Square as he demonstrates his blueberry shallot sauce recipe during the Health4U Recipe for Health program. Try the shallots during lunch at Brody Square and Riverwalk Market at Owen Hall.

Can’t make it to Brody Square for the event? Join us online for an MSU Alumni Association LENS live stream presentation. Learn more by watching this trailer and view the live stream here:



Although we live in Michigan, some hot days are ahead of us at MSU. Good thing our on-campus Starbucks locations are prepared with some new, refreshing cold beverages to quench your thirst in the summer sun.

Straberry Acai Refresher and Mango Black Tea Lemonade.

For a limited time, enjoy the new Teavana Shaken Iced Mango Black Tea Lemonade at all three on-campus locations, featuring Teavana black tea, mango flavor and a hint of sweet passion fruit, shaken with a splash of lemonade.

If you crave coffee, the Starbucks Cold Brew is the perfect brew for you. Starbucks uses the cold brewing method, where time replaces heat to extract the coffee and develop smooth and sweet flavors. The new Strawberry Açai Starbucks Refreshers beverage, replacing the Valencia Orange Starbucks Refreshers beverage, offers a delicious blend of strawberry, passion fruit and açai flavors, shaken with real strawberries and lightly caffeinated with green coffee extract.

For those few and scattered cool days, the Kati Kati Blend is back. Kati Kati means “between” in Swahili; this bright medium-roast blend of beans from East Africa strikes a balance between the citrus and spice notes from Kenya and the subtle floral aromas and crisp acidity from Ethiopia. Purchase a one pound whole bean bag at the Wells Hall location to enjoy at home!

Pair your beverages with the new Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scone—a chocolate-drizzle scone filled with sweet raspberry jam and chocolate chips. If you’re looking for a savory treat, the new Pepperoni & Tomato Savory Foldover can do the trick with naturally-cured pepperoni layered with zesty tomato and cheese, wrapped in a flaky croissant.

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scone

Do you like getting discounts? Get an Iced Sample Card to use from July 7 through August 2. After purchasing five summer iced beverages, you can receive any one summer iced Grande beverage free. In addition, enjoy another Treat Receipt promotion! From July 27 to August 9, get any Grande iced beverage for $2.50 (plus tax) after 2 p.m. when you bring back your receipt from the same morning.

New Case Tumblers are also available for purchase at Starbucks at Wells. The tumbler is perfect for hot or cold beverages and offer personalization options with new colorful cases—buy a tumbler and get your first case for free! Also, enjoy your iced beverages in an assortment of Starbucks colds cups including the 16 oz. Doodle Dog Cold Cup, the Beaded Cold Cup and the 24 oz. Mirrored Glasses cold cup.

Visit for our Starbucks locations. Summer hours are in effect through August 28. To view summer hours of operations visit


Culinary Services hosted its annual Culinary Cup and Bake Off competitions on June 17 at The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips. During the Culinary Cup competition, 18 teams representing each dining neighborhood and Spartan Hospitality Group competed for the chance to be named Culinary Cup champions.

The competition was divided into five flights: four teams competed in the first three flights and three teams in the fourth and fifth flights. Each winning team from the first five rounds competed in a final round of competition.

During the first round, team members were tasked to create a dish with lump crab meat, mini bella mushrooms, pink grapefruit and bran cereal. The Pilot Lights team, Eduardo Sanchez and Patrick Burnett, from Heritage Commons at Landon were named winners of round one.

During the second round, teams competed to create a dish that incorporated fresh asparagus, chorizo sausage, feta cheese and pitted prunes. Congratulations to the Brody Hot Tamales, Jose Almaguer-Leal and Almeta Kelley, from Brody Square for winning the second flight.

During the third round, teams competed to prepare a dish using ground turkey, fresh pineapple, kale and home-style biscuits. Team Food Artist, Michelle Gary and Alex Cinzri, from The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips were named winners of the third round.

Teams in the fourth flight were tasked to create a dish with pork breakfast sausage, boysenberry jam, corn muffin tops and jicama. The Gourmet Assassins, Jared Hurst and Dejuan Everett, from The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips won their way to the final round.

The final flight of teams competed to prepare a dish made with bacon, ricotta cheese, raisings and Idaho potatoes. The Pinky and the Brain team, Lisa Cox and Jenifer Rodriguez, from East Neighborhood Dining took the last spot to compete in the final round.

Each winning team competed in the final round to prepare a dish incorporating chicken breast, bloody Mary mix, green seedless grapes and cashews. Congratulations to the Brody Hot Tamales team, 2015 Culinary Cup champions!

Also during the competition, 14 teams submitted baked goods for the Bake Off. Congratulations to Rebecca Swab and Krista Roland of Spartan Hospitality Group—the winners of the 2015 Bake Off—for their winning Founder’s Porter chocolate cake!

A big thank you to Sharon Butler, MSU assistant vice president for human resources; Mike Dawisha, RHS CIO; and Mike Kolar, assistant director of admissions, for judging the 2015 Culinary Cup competition.

On June 18, Culinary Services chefs showcased their culinary skills at the Chefs Culinary Challenge. Chef teams of two were divided into two flights. Each winning team from the first two rounds competed in a final round of competition to prepare a dish incorporating pork tenderloin, fig cookies, red cabbage and white kidney beans. Congratulations to the Lunch Ladies team, Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski and East Neighborhood Executive Chef Jason Strotheide, winners of the 2015 Chefs Culinary Challenge!

Photo collage of the winning cake and dish from the competitions and the winning Culinary Cup and Chef Challenge teams.

To view more photos from the events, click here.


The 20th Annual Board of Water and Light Chili Cook-off will take place this Friday, June 5, at Adado Riverfront Park from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Teams from Residential Dining, South Neighborhood and The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips are set to compete – their sights set on a gold ladle!

During the event, teams from local restaurants, businesses, non-profits and organizations compete for the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau Hospitality Award or for the gold, silver or bronze ladle in categories including: Best Chili, Most Creative Chili Name, Most Creative Chili Booth, Best Salsa, Best Meatless Chili and Best White Bean Chicken Chili. Proceeds from the event benefit Impression 5 Science Center/Adopt A River, the H.O.P.E. Scholarship Connections Program and the Sparrow Foundation.

The South Neighborhood team competed against other Culinary Services Neighborhood teams in a Chefs Council Chili Cook-off this past March. Their brisket chorizo chili took first place and earned them the ability to represent Culinary Services. The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips also competed and is representing Culinary Services for best salsa with a roasted vegetable salsa.

The Chili Cook-Off theme this year is Chiliwood – a Hollywood theme. The Culinary Services booth will be decorated with a Hollywood Walk of Fame theme, complete with make-your-own-Hollywood-star activity.

Stop by booth 13 at the BWL Chili Cook-off to support our teams! In addition, there will be live music played by local musicians and bands, a merchandise tent and a chili dog eating contest.

Past BWL Chili Cook-off booth
The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips BWL Chili Cook-off booth in 2013.