Top Chef

I just read that a new season of Top Chef Masters will premier April 6 (it's on the cable channel Bravo), and I couldn't be more excited. I really enjoyed watching the past two seasons, and I love how television has helped create a culture of foodies in mainstream America.

Last year at the National Restaurant Show I was lucky enough to meet the season 2 winner, Marcus Samuelsson. He is an amazing chef and author, and the youngest chef ever to receive two three-star ratings from The New York Times.

Chef Kurt and Marcus Samuelsson

I'm looking forward to the new competition, and especially excited to see Mary Sue Milliken, John Rivera Sedlar and Suvir Saran on the show. I've met all three of the chefs over the years. I met Milliken at a Share Our Strength event in Chicago and Sedlar through the Visiting Chefs Series at Kellogg Center. I met Saran at a world flavors conference at the University of Massachusetts. He makes an awesome lamb burger!

Who are you rooting for?