Spicy Maple Glazed Pork Chop Image

Welcome to A’la Minute, the blog for information on food and dining at Michigan State University. As the Corporate Chef for Culinary Services, I’m working with a talented team of professionals to deliver outstanding dining experiences for all the guests across campus.

This fall, we launched a new core menu in our residential dining halls featuring 26 new recipes, including a spicy maple glazed pork chop with Michigan apple ginger chutney and a panko crusted black bean cake served with mango salsa. We’re also moving from canned ingredients to fresh, seasonal ingredients, and we’re cooking from scratch rather than preparing pre-cooked items.

Our new philosophy is to “cook-to-flow,” which means we cook and serve the food as our guests come to dine instead of preparing large quantities ahead of time. This ensures that each guest receives the highest quality food possible. Our “cook-to-flow” philosophy is reflected in the blog’s title, which literally means “at the moment” in French. In the culinary world, “a’la minute” is the concept that food is cooked to order fresh, often right before the guests.

As always, Culinary Services and Residential Dining Services welcome your feedback, so please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts about what’s new in campus dining!