How to Prep a Leek

It may look like a giant scallion, but the leek is actually much milder in flavor. It is native to the Mediterranean and has a thick white stalk with long, flat dark green leaves.

Most of the time, leeks are sautéed or are used in soups and salads. In my opinion, you can bring out more flavor when you braise them. Braising is a cooking method in which food is cooked in a small amount of liquid at a low heat for a lengthy period of time.

When cooking, you won’t want to use those long green leaves. The usable part of the leek is the white center stalk.

To prepare a leek for use, follow these steps:

Step one

Step one, cut the root

Cut off the root of the leek.


Step two

Step two, remove green leaves

Cutting on a diagonal, remove the long green leaves.

Your leek should look something like this:

a trimmed leek


Step three

Step three, slice length-wise

Slice the leek in half length-wise.


Step four

Step four, chop the leek

Chop the leeks to your desired width.


Step five

Step five, wash the leeks

Put the chopped leeks into a large bowl of water. Stir them around to remove any dirt trapped in the layers. Make sure you’ve removed all the dirt or you’ll end up with an unappetizing and gritty dish.


Step six

Step six, strain the leeks

Strain the leeks out of the water and transfer to a container until you are ready to use them.