Collection of images from South Pointe at Case Hall

By Nick Bognar, Senior Digital Communications Intern

Recently, a food-focused web site named Michigan State University as one of the top 50 best colleges for food. The top schools were chosen on the following criteria; healthy options, events, local purchases, service and having the 'X factor'.

So why exactly was MSU chosen as one of the best? Local foods? Check. Diverse menu options? Check. Produce from the student organic farm, energy conservation and waste reduction? Check. Oh, and don't forget the MSU Bakers, right on campus.

Also, students can also attend several theme dinners and events throughout each semester, offering a variety of foods celebrating different cultures and holidays. Many of the campus dining halls have also changed the way food is prepared.

Associate Director of Residential Dining Bruce Haskell said, "The food used to just come from the back; now students see it made in front of them."

Haskell believes this style of service along with a higher level of emphasis on food services at MSU accounts for the positive changes happening in the MSU dining halls.

If you haven't visited one of MSU's dining halls lately, come see for yourself why MSU is one of the best. For more information on special events, menus and more, follow Eat At State on Facebook or Twitter.