Dining plans for students living off campus, or in University apartments, Van Hoosen, Williams Hall or 1855 Place.

There are a number of convenient dining options for students living off campus. Residential students' dining plans are pre-arranged through their housing contracts and these students do not need to order a dining plan through this page.

Please note that if you have financial aid or a scholarship that requires you to have your off-campus plan on your fall semester statement, you will need to wait until after the summer semester ends on Aug. 18 to purchase your plan.

Dining Plan Prices for Fall 2016 – Summer 2017

  • DineOn 175: $1,225 (at $7.00 per access)
  • DineOn 125: $1,000 (at $8.00 per access)
  • DineOn 100: $850 (at $8.50 per access)
  • DineOn 50: $450 (at $9.00 per access) 
  • DineOn 25: $237.50 (at $9.50 per access)
  • ‘DineOn Campus’ – Use meal accesses at any residential dining halls
  • ‘DineOn-the-Go’ – Combo-X-Change* (use meal access as a combo) at Sparty’s, Union Pizzeria, Union Deli, Serrano’s, UP Pizzeria at Crossroads, Riverwalk Market at Owen Hall, the Eat at State ON-THE-GO food truck or for takeout from the dining halls, Monday-Friday
  • Use meal accesses to bring friends and guests to eat with you in the dining halls
  • Off-campus dining plans don’t expire – use meals as long as dining plan is active**! 

*Guests with off-campus dining plans can use multiple Combo-X-Changes per day. Each Combo-X-Change swipe uses one meal access.

**Dining plans remain active if used once between July 1 and June 30 each year. Plans that remain active do not have their dining hall meals expire. Additional use options for meals may be changed at the discretion of Michigan State University. Dining plans are not refundable. For questions, email


There are several easy ways to order a dining plan:
Eat at State
RHS Information Services
153 Service Rd
East Lansing, MI 48824-1231

 Off-campus dining plans are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Using your MSU ID

The Michigan State University picture ID with required accesses available, must be presented by the account holder to:

  • Enter residential dining halls
  • Bring guests to dining halls
  • Use Combo-X-Change, Spartan Cash and Owen Cash in retail locations
  • Use Combo-X-Change for carry out from dining halls

Please remember that you may not give your ID card to another person for use.


Checking Your Balance

Dining plan holders can check their meal balance online. To check your balance, click here. Please note, the link will direct you to the Blackboard Transact website. This website will tell you your dining plan balance as well as Spartan Cash.