Employment (Our Commitment)

Get Hired, photos of students team members.Think of us as another classroomone where you get paid to have fun, make connections with other future leaders and set yourself up for success after graduation. 

When you work for Culinary Services, our focus is on building a better you through valuable leadership, time management and multi-tasking skills, talents that are invaluable in today’s economy. Our full-time staff is committed to helping you achieve personal success, through a supportive social environment that fosters the development of essential career skills. 

Building your resume doesn’t have to mean traveling off-campus or doing an unpaid internship. We have the opportunities and experiences guaranteed to build your resume right here, without stepping off-campus or forgoing a pay check.

 Culinary Services offers student team members:

  • A terrific social environment to meet new friends and future professional connections
  • An opportunity to develop management, leadership and professional skills
  • Career-building opportunities that align with majors and specializations offered at MSU
  • A work schedule that accommodates classes and activities
  • Promotional opportunities with sizeable pay increases
  • Convenience of working close to where you live
  • Potential early move-in option available with some units