Culinary Services is committed to providing quality services to Michigan State University (MSU) students, the campus community and the general public. As part of its social responsibility, Culinary Services gives back to our campus community through donations in support of events organized by MSU departments and registered student organizations (RSOs).

To be considered for a non-cash donation, please complete the form below. To ensure the success of your event, a minimum of two weeks advance notice for your request is required. Submission of the donation request form does not guarantee funding. We like to assist as many organizations in the campus community as possible; therefore, a previous donation to your RSO or department does not ensure continued support.

Consideration is given to the location of the event and the impact on the campus community. We recognize there are many causes worthy of support; however, by focusing our resources in a few areas that align with our departmental and divisional mission and vision statements, we feel our impact is greater.

Due to health and sanitation requirements, we are unable to offer prepared foods or other foods that require maintenance of specific temperature ranges.

About the Event

General description of planned event or fundraiser.

Number of expected attendees (if applicable)

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Are you receiving any other funding or donations for your event? If so, what is it and from who?

About the Donation/Sponsorship

Culinary Services requires an acknowledgement for the donation. Standard acknowledgement is a sign that lists MSU Culinary Services as the donor of the item(s). Please provide proof of this acknowledgement after the event to:

Culinary Services only provides 2 donations per year to any one organization.

Pick Up

All donations are for pick up only. Once your request has been approved, Culinary Services will contact you with a confirmation of your donation.
Pickup location is at Food Stores, 220 Service Road, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 3 pm.


Who will pick it up?

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