Closing the Loop

In partnership with the MSU Sustainability, MSU Culinary Services participates in a project that uses worm composting for campus kitchen food preparation residue at the MSU Student Organic Farm in order to close the campus food cycle loop.

Herbs grown at Bailey GREENhouse are grown in soil with composted pre-consumer food waste from Brody Square — closing the loop!

MSU Culinary Services also participates in an anaerobic digestion pilot study at MSU’s Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center. Anaerobic digestion is the breaking down of organic compounds into methane in the absence of oxygen, which creates energy.

The pilot study has two 100 L digesters for a resulting 23,000 tons of biogas, which is equivalent to:

  • 7,700 Hummer H1s OR
  • 242,000 Average Adult Males OR
  • 115 Adult Blue Whales

Sparty's and Starbucks coffee shops on campus also capture coffee grounds for composting at the MSU Student Organic Farm.