MSU Culinary Services supports these strategies for material diversion:

  • Implement MSU’s Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) for recycling and reuse
  • Ensure recycling and reuse practices are in place and look for opportunities for expansion
  • Participate and promote special event recycling initiatives
  • Study processes to increase repurposing of salvaged furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Strive to achieve a 70 percent landfill diversion rate by 2017 (MSU goal)

Mixed Paper recycling signDid you know?
All Culinary Services facilities participate in the MSU Recycling program. From July 2014-April 2015, nearly 2.5 million pounds of RHS building recycling was diverted from landfill, a substantial portion of which was collected from residential dining and retail/concessions facilities and offices.

Also, it is against policy to use polystyrene materials in dining, retail and concessions.

Sparty’s Refillable Mug program enables customers to purchase refills at a discounted rate, reducing the use of disposable cups. Approximately 2,000 refills are sold each week—that's more than 100,000 cups each year.

Plastic/metal recycling signIt is RHS policy that all equipment and supplies that will no longer be used in a culinary facility are shipped to MSU Surplus Store for evaluation. They then determine if the item can be sold, or refurbished and sold, keeping tens of thousands of pounds out of landfills every year.

RHS Sustainability works with its partners to hold zero-waste events, capturing food waste and recycling where possible. For example, the 2014 RHS Golf Outing reached a 96 percent landfill diversion rate!