Udder Delights logoAs of July 1, Udder Delights will be the exclusive ice cream sandwich at MSU Concessions locations.

These locally sourced, campus-made premium ice cream sandwiches are prepared in partnership by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services at MSU. Udder Delights are made with MSU Bakers cookies and MSU Dairy Store Vanilla Bean ice cream. Two flavors are available for guests: the original Udder Delights Swiss Chocolate Chip sandwiches and Udder Delights Classic made with MSU Bakers chocolate chip cookies.

The Udder Delights Classic, an MSU Bakers campus favorite, is back after an initial similar debut in the mid-1990s. The original Udder Delights Swiss Chocolate Chip sandwiches were created as a class project in a 2010 marketing class in The School of Hospitality Business at MSU. Students were assigned to develop the concept, marketing strategy and promotional tactics for an MSU brand ice cream product. 

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering students assemble the sandwiches in the Dairy Plant on campus. The Dairy Store and Dairy Plant prepare MSU students for careers in the dairy/food processing industries by providing them the real-world experience they need before they graduate.

“Students who work in the Dairy Plant are able to get jobs because employers in their industry prefer dairy plant experience,” explained John Engstrom, MSU Dairy Store operations manager. 

Since MSU Concessions began serving ice cream sandwiches, other sandwiches have been served including an MSU Bakers and MSU Dairy Store ice cream cookie sandwich in the 1990s and a sandwich by Confection Connection in the 1980s. Melting Moments will no longer be available for purchase at MSU Athletics events. 

"Udder Delights are the product of an academic partnership that creates an opportunity for students to learn. And what better way than with MSU Bakers and the MSU Dairy Store?" said Guy Procopio, director of Culinary Services. "Our priority is delivering an outstanding student experience in the classroom and out of the classroom, too."

MSU Concessions is operated by the Department of Culinary Services within the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services, a self-supporting auxiliary of Michigan State University. For more information visit: