Spartan Cash LogoThere are beverage and snack machines located in many convenient spots on campus. Spartan Cash and credit cards are accepted at select machines. Look for the Spartan Cash and credit card logos on the machines.

Building Location
Akers West Lobby
Akers East Lobby
Akers Center Hall
McDonel East Lobby
McDonel West Lobby
Holmes West Lobby
Holmes East Lobby
Hubbard South Lobby
Hubbard North Lobby
Snyder 1st floor vending area
Phillips 1st floor vending area
Shaw East Lobby
Shaw West Lobby
Case North Lobby
Case South Lobby
Wonders South Lobby
Wonders North Lobby
Wilson East Center Hall
Wilson West Center Hall
Holden Center 
Rather Dock Area
Butterfield Dock Area
Emmons Dock Area
Bailey Dock Area
Armstrong Dock Area
Bryan Dock Area
Anthony North Lobby
Berkey North Hall
Berkey Lobby Lobby
Bessey North Lobby
BioMedical North Lobby
Communications Arts West TV Corridor
Communications Arts East Lobby
Communications Arts North Lobby
Engineering West Hall
Engineering East Hall
Eppley Cross Over
Natural Science East Dock Area
Vet Clinic West Lobby
Wells Building C North South Hall