Making healthy lifestyle choices like eating right is important for students to do their best during college. Michigan State University offers a variety of healthy food options to choose from in all of campus' residential dining halls and retail food venues, including menu items to support ovo-lacto vegetarianism and vegan diets.

If you have a food allergies or intolerances, or are required to follow a special diet, MSU Culinary Services can assist in providing resources and information to help you make safe choices while still having a great dining experience when you Eat at State. Our Culinary Services team identifies the eight major allergens on our campus menu items: milk, eggs, soy, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and wheat, as well as dietary restrictions of alcohol, beef, and pork. By using MSUtrition and working with our registered dietitian and executive chefs, you can find ingredient information and see which menu options are safe for you.

MSU makes every effort to thoroughly train our staff, and label food allergens in the residential dining halls and retail food venues; however, ingredients and nutritional content may change from time to time without our knowledge due to manufacturing changes, recipe substitutions and other outlying factors. Please be aware that food items are prepared in a shared kitchen and do pose a risk for cross-contact. Guests with allergies and specific ingredient concerns are encouraged to consult our registered dietitian, executive chefs or dining hall managers.



Central Culinary Services
Registered Dietitian Gina Keilen: or 517-353-1616
Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski: or 517-353-1616

Students with concerns should make contact with the manager and/or chef in their unit to assist in navigating the menus. Below are the contacts for each neighborhood:

Brody Square
Executive Chef Eric Batten: or 517-884-0523
Sous Chef Brian Guadagnini: or 517-884-2929
Sous Chef Jim Cummings: or 517-884-2929
Sous Chef Wayne Burmeister: or 517-355-7470

East Neighborhood   
Executive Chef Jason Strotheide: or 517-353-2234
Sous Chef Melissa Martinez: or 517-355-5246
Sous Chef Joe Murphy: or 517-353-7776

River Trail Neighborhood   
Executive Chef Kevin Cruz: or 517-355-2411
Sous Chef Jordan Durkin: or 517-353-0244
Sous Chef Emily Swirsky: or 517-355-5007

South Neighborhood   
Executive Chef Bryan Latz: or 517-353-5934
Sous Chef Jonathan Hughes: or 517-884-6384
Sous Chef William Cruz:

North Neighborhood

The Gallery at Snyder/Phillips
Executive Chef Dien Ly: or 517-355-4596
Sous Chef Leann Shepherd: or 517-353-2234

Heritage Commons at Landon
Executive Chef Eric Batten: or 517-884-0523
Sous Chef Brian Guadagnini: or 517-884-2929
Sous Chef Jim Cummings: or 517-884-2929
Sous Chef Wayne Burmeister: or 517-355-7470







Culinary Services offers a kosher meal service program at the Kosher Cuisine venue at Wilson Dining Hall and Brody Square. Kosher meals are also available at Holmes Dining Hall. Kosher meals are served during the dinner meal period, Sunday through Thursday of each week. In addition, meals are offered at Sparty's as part of the Combo-X-Change program.

To accommodate kosher rules, all foods served through the program are prepared in a kosher kitchen at Woody's Oasis restaurant in East Lansing. The program is certified by Kosher Michigan ( All meals served through the program at the dining hall are identified with a "Kosher" food icon.

MSU's kosher meal service program was developed in partnership with Rabbi Jason Miller of Kosher Michigan, Cindy Hughey, director of the East Lansing Hillel Jewish Student Center, and Chuck Raad, principle owner of Woody's Oasis restaurant in East Lansing.

During Passover, in addition to extensive meatless options available, our dining halls serve Matzos, hard-boiled eggs, tuna fish and cheese. In addition, several traditional Jewish dishes are incorporated into the menu. Single service disposable dinnerware is also available upon request.

MSU Hillel offers meals on Friday Nights (Shabbat) and during the week of Passover. Shabbat dinners are free for students and RSVP is preferred. Students can reserve Passover meals (lunch and dinner) by contacting MSU Hillel.  

You may contact Hillel at:, by visiting or by calling 517-332-1916



We also offer entree options to accommodate students wishing to keep halal. In addition, Culinary Services retail operations have some pre-packaged foods, as well as some prepared halal options at Holmes Dining.


Sparty's locations offer a variety of options for special dietary needs and preferences that are available for retail as well as part of Combo X-Change.